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Electric scissor lifts

במות הרמה מספריים חשמלית של חברת ליפטר
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Mantall XE120W – Electric Scissor Lift – 12 meters – Working Height
במת מספריים חשמלית לעבודות פנים
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Mantall XE80N – Electric Scissor Lift – 8 meters – Working Height
במות הרמה מספריים חשמליות - Lifter במות הרמה
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Mantall XE60ED – Electric Scissor Lift – 6.5 meters – Working Height
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Electric Access Platforms For Sale And Rent

Lifter Ltd. offers its customers in the central and northern region, different types of electric scissor lifts for sale.

These are advanced, safe and standard platforms based on an articulated boom lifts or as a scissor lifts, where the choice of stage type is influenced by required needs and working conditions from the facility.

The company will accompany and advise on choosing a suitable electric scissor lifts.

Effective Tool For Working At Height

An electric scissor lifts as we have to provide, is an effective tool for working at height in enclosed spaces or on hard surfaces, which can safely carry people and equipment.

For example, these platforms can be used in logistics warehouses, showrooms, for performing height cleaning work, installing signage, installing sprinkler systems, for renovation and construction work and more.

Using these platforms, it is possible to reach the desired height accurately and safely, and lift the workers high, raw materials, equipment, tools, etc. The lifting capacity of the platforms’ rests on a powerful electric motor and an advanced, durable, strong and stable structure, while the control of these platform is simple and fast.

Electric scissor lifts
Electric scissor lifts

Electric Access Platforms Models

We offer our customers modern and advanced models of electric access platforms for sale, manufactured by leading global companies, such as:


Electric scissor lift platform, light and compact, with high mobility in narrow places, designed for interior work and on straight and hard surfaces.

The platforms reach a height of 4 meters to 12 meters and feature a high level of safety, impressive gradient works, fast lifting and lowering and a variety of programming options of the facility.

In addition, the platforms can carry a weight of between 230 kg and 350 kg.

Electric Access Platforms for sale

To order an electric access platform, for more information and professional advice, contact Lifter Ltd. at +972-77-803-5355 or leave details.

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