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Articulated boom lifts – Diesel engine

במת הרמה של ליפטר בעלת זרוע מפרקית עם מנוע דיזל, הרמה עד 20 מטר
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Haulotte HA20RTJPRO – Diesel engine, articulated boom lift, 4WD – 20 meters – Working Height
במת הרמה זרוע מפרקית עם מנוע דיזל, הרמה עד 16 מטר
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Haulotte HA16RTJPRO – Diesel engine, articulated boom lift, 4WD – 16 meters – Working Height
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Basket Crane Rent

Lifter Ltd., a leader in the central and northern region in solutions for work at height, offers its customers basket crane rental services of various types, including small and electric aerial work platforms.

These are advanced cranes for carrying people, suitable for the safe and efficient execution of a variety of work at height, including renovation work, window cleaning at height lighting work, pruning, etc.

What is a basket crane?

The basket crane we offer for rent is a lifting tool with a dedicated and safe facility for carrying people.

These cranes are offered in a variety of types and sizes, from a small level for relatively light equipment at a low height to large installations that reach impressive heights.

Also, basket cranes like the ones we rent show a high level of stability, load capacity, navigation and maneuverability in terrain and altitude.

Articulated boom lifts - Diesel engine
Articulated boom lifts – Diesel engine

Basket cranes for a variety of needs

Basket crane rental services relevant to private, business and institutional entities. For example, these cranes are used for the following jobs:

Construction and Renovation

Basket crane optimizes construction and renovation work at height as it is an efficient, fast and safe solution to elevate work teams to height.

Gardening and Pruning

Using a basket crane, the trimmer can be mounted easily, quickly and safely to the top of the trees and the high branches, which the attempt to prune with a ladder is complicated, inaccessible and unsafe.
In addition, basket cranes are also used for fruit picking purposes.


Basket cranes are also used to perform work at the height of infrastructure such as electricity or communication lines.

Articulating boom lift

One of the types of lifting facilities that are in demand as a basket crane for rent is an electric lifting crane with a folding arm. Cranes of this type exhibit high maneuverability and adaptability to any length and height of a desired target.

These cranes can carry people and are great for performing work at height in an efficient, fast, economical and safe. At the same time, it is important to note that when renting a basket crane of any type and to ensure proper utilization of times, it is important to ensure in advance a suitable parking for the crane.

Basket cranes for rent

To order a basket crane platform, for more information and professional advice, contact Lifter Ltd. at +972-77-803-5355 or leave details.

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